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Heart Centered Living

Heart joy, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, openness, innocence, love, spirit
Centered grounded, fully present, in the now, strong
Living engaged, enjoying, loving, living practical spirituality in this world

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How do you live a fully engaged life with joy?

In a divisive world full of aggressiveness, how do you keep your heart open? 

How can you be at peace without having to withdraw and detach?

(Hint: Heart Centered Living holds the answers)
Heart Centered Living is:
  • Discovering the foundation for all the facets of the heart that lead to radical acceptance, expansive joy, deep gratitude, and universal compassion. 
  • Exploring the source of love deep within yourself. 
  • Integrating practical spirituality into everyday life.
The Three Aspects of Heart Centered Living

Heart-based Meditation

An effortless, relaxing meditation to connect to the source of peace, love and bliss within. 

Heart Centering

A way of centering and integrating the gains of meditation into our moment-to-moment existence. 

Facets of the Heart Training

Exploring the foundations of the most efficient heart centered practices such radical acceptance, gratitude, expansive joy, compassion, forgiveness and more. 

An Invitation
An invitation to a new way.

A real way, based on neuroscience.

A way grounded in your own experience.

A way centered in exploring your own heart. 
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