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July 12-14, 2024 HBM Retreat: Unconditional Joy

Discover the freedom and upliftment that comes with unconditional joy.

July 12-14, 2024 HBM Retreat: Unconditional Joy
July 12-14, 2024 HBM Retreat: Unconditional Joy

Time & Location

Jul 12, 2024, 7:00 PM EDT – Jul 14, 2024, 12:00 PM EDT

Live Online via Zoom

About the Event

What does it truly mean to be “in joy?” Typically our approach to joy is external. We are trying to find something to enjoy. That “thing” is outside of us, and typically in short supply. Unconditional joy isn’t dependent on anything outside of us. If you are wanting a different approach to finding joy, and are willing to consider finding a different way to discover enjoyment in life, then this is what this retreat is all about. It will help you understand and experience the real meaning of this important aspect of Love. Through this, you will not only find greater joy, but also expand your capacity for joy as well. When you do so, the quality of your life is improved, your health becomes better and your relationships benefit greatly.

We invite you to connect with the community of meditators and enjoy a weekend of deep rest, connection and wisdom.  We will dive deep into exploring the Facet of the Heart that gives rise to joy and that allows it to be present under any circumstance.  With that we will take many steps toward greater freedom and fulfillment.

We encourage you to give yourself the gift of retreat -- to let go of your day-to-day responsibilities and enjoy healing and connection.

  • Explore the heart's foundation for unconditional joy
  • Release old ways of thinking that stand in the way of joy
  • Accelerate your inner growth and development
  • Feel better and clearer from extra meditations
  • Feel well rested and energized
  • Connect with the community of meditators
  • Rejuvenate and celebrate!

You must be trained in Heart-based Meditation in order to attend.

This event has a group. You’re welcome to join the group once you register for the event.
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  • 2 hours

    Retreat Orientation and Presentation on Retreat Focus

  • 12 hours

    Saturday's Retreat Times

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  • HBM 3-Day Retreat

    From $100.00 to $200.00
    • $150.00
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