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The Key to Healing




2 Weeks

About the Course

The Key to Healing

Learn the key to healing, the Heart Centered Living way

Healing is key to life, to spirituality, to abundance and to happiness overall. It is difficult for life to flow as it is meant to flow when we are ill or are suffering from chronic pain. Healing can be a challenging proposition, especially if we view the body as a machine. However, if we take a broader view, then we can explore the key that empowers us to heal from all levels of our being. 

My invitation to you is to explore inner space to discover what amazing potential for healing you can discover in your own being. My invitation to you is to come to a different and deeper understanding of healing. My invitation to you is to open to a new understanding of the power of love to heal from within. If you are interested in exploring your inner potential, if you are interested in moving beyond plain energy healing or visualization, if you want to do all that you can do for your health and well being, then please continue on with this course.

Course Content

Each day for the two weeks you will presented with a video or a text summary of that day’s teaching for you to review. You will have questions to contemplate to further understand and integrate the topic.  For that we recommend you keep a journal. Some of the guided contemplations will be in audio form. These are often repeated over several days in order for you to fully integrate the insights you are having.

Course Tuition

The course tuition gives you access to the course for a year so that you can repeat the course if you want several times.

Facets of the Heart Forum

We encourage you to post your insights in the Facets of the Heart Group Forum.

Your Instructor

Paul Dugliss

Paul Dugliss

Paul Dugliss, M.D. teaches Ayurvedic Medicine, Consciousness Mentoring and Consciousness-based Health Coaching. He is currently the Academic Dean and Director of New World Ayurveda School (, leading the movement to create a healthier world by making online Ayurvedic studies accessible to all. He is the author of several books including Ayurveda – The Power to Heal, Enlightened Nutrition, Capturing the Bliss: Ayurveda and the Yoga of Emotions, Yoga & Ayurveda and Think with the Heart / Love with the Mind. He has a master’s degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology and is currently focusing his practice on developing consciousness through Heart-based Meditation and Heart Centered Living.

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