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Advanced Consciousness-based Healing Techniques Course


This course incorporates both techniques that can assist others and self-healing techniques. The course emphasizes self development — developing our ability to hold more light and consciousness. This leads to developing the greatest healing power, healing energetically and coming more into a state of balance and clarity so that one can be of greatest service in the world. To facilitate this, each class offers a consciousness-based healing technique, a self-healing technique, as well as the principles behind how the techniques work. The course also includes weekly group consciousness mentoring (coaching) with Dr. Dugliss to maximum personal growth and development through the course.  This course is only open to practitioners of Heart-based Meditation.  For more information, CLICK HERE.

"This is a life changing, transformational, deeply healing, powerful, magical, experiential and exhilarating journey. Love in all forms, everywhere. It is a first hand experience of how fast you can grow, and how truly amazing your potential is."

2018 Class Participant

"I would say that if you want to gain some very simple skills that will not only completely bring you home to your Heart, but also allow you to become able to have a heart connection with all other beings, then please do take this course. It will surpass all expectations!"

2018 Class Participant

"This class was the most profound life changing deep inner healing for me. I really came into myself. I feel like a new person!"

2018 Class Participant

Think with the Heart Workbook - Front Co



Think with the Heart / Love with the Mind

30-day Challenge Course

If you want to jump start your daily practice, take this 30-day meditation challenge. Each day is filled with an inspirational quote, further explorations of the meditation process, advice on living more from the heart and from intuition and reprogramming how we think. Based on the workbook for Think with the Heart / Love with the Mind by Paul Dugliss, M.D., this program makes practical the steps for inner growth and development.
Take this 30-day challenge and see what one month of focus on your inner life can do for you!
To enroll, CLICK HERE.

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