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Inner Peace

Given the stress and anxiety of modern life, it is no surprise so many are seeking inner peace. And the key to inner peace is meditation.


Misconceptions about meditation abound. Such as getting rid of thoughts...


Getting rid of thoughts is hard. Almost impossible. Like trying not to think of an elephant.


Yet simply watching thoughts is also hard and often brings little in terms of inner peace.


Where is your monkey mind coming from?


If you don’t know how consciousness works, then it is hard to understand how the emotions and desires get pushed up into our meditation as thoughts.


You need a practice that will release the energetic imprint of the emotions, stresses, and shocks to our energetic mind-body system.


Heart-based Meditation is a complete system that allows the mind to settle, that is effortless and that deals with the energetic and emotional stresses that keep us from finding inner peace.


It is the gateway to healing the source of stress.




Easy Meditation Now

Heart-based Meditation is natural.

It is based on how the mind works with sound.

It is based on discovering the inner aspects of the heart beyond emotion. 

It is easily learned in 4-week course, 1 hour of class per week.

Start Now

Schedule Your Free Instruction


Instruction is done in a 4-week course, 1 hour per week live with supporting daily videos in-between classes. The class is done live online on Saturdays via  Zoom.  To sign up for the next class go to our Events page.

Looking forward to seeing you online!

About Heart-based Meditation

I have been a physician, author, healer, counselor and coach. I learned meditation as a teenager and have been practicing it for over 40 years.


In 2007, after noticing how much faster my meditating patients would heal, I undertook to work with a team of highly evolved souls to develop a meditation technique that was easy, practical and accessible. The result was Heart-based Meditation. As I worked with it more, I came to realize how practical and efficient it is in promoting inner peace, happiness and healing.


My goal now is to help people elevate their consciousness and awaken the power of their hearts to find healing, happiness, and enlightenment.

-- Paul Dugliss, M.D.

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