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Welcome to
Heart-based Meditation

What is Heart-based Meditation?

A Tool for Life

Heart-based Meditation is a simple and easy daily practice that relieves stress, increases energy, supports healing, and encourages personal and spiritual growth and wellbeing.


If you are seeking a way to release the stress and anxiety of everyday life and find a greater sense of peace, joy and ease, we invite you to learn the life-enhancing practice of Heart-based Meditation.


Heart-based Meditation does not require you to go to war with thoughts or quiet your mind. Here, thoughts are welcomed, allowed and accepted as part of the practice. If you’ve tried other types of meditation and felt you “couldn’t do it”, we encourage you to try Heart-based Meditation and experience the effortless and enjoyable practice that everyone can do!


No prior experience with meditation is needed. Our free training will provide you with everything you need to learn Heart-based Meditation, be successful with the practice, incorporate it into your day, and help you live a more heart-centered life.

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Why is Heart-based Meditation Training Free?


We offer free training in Heart-based Meditation because it is our calling to help as many people as possible.


Life can be hard. We all need a tool or resource to help alleviate stress and provide the calm and inner strength that’s required to successfully navigate what comes our way. 


We believe that with each person that learns Heart-based Meditation, we are helping to reduce suffering and make the world a better place. We’re doing our part to uplift humanity during a time that it’s needed most.


We invite you to enroll in our free training and discover an opportunity of a lifetime!

The Big Picture

Learning Heart-based Meditation opens the door to being a part of something bigger.

If you choose, you have the opportunity to deepen your practice by participating in any of our monthly online weekend retreats from the comfort of your home. These 3-day and 5-day offerings create a supportive container to let go of your daily routine and receive even greater benefit from your practice. It’s also a wonderful way to connect with others in the Heart-based Meditation community. Participants have shared that these weekends have been profound experiences of growth and healing.


We also offer a free1-hour Heart-based Meditation Online Community Meeting every week where we meditate together, share experiences, and offer answers to any questions you may have about the practice, inner growth, healing, and ways of navigating the joys and challenges of life.


Additionally, if you are interested in an accelerated path to growth and healing, there is an opportunity to receive one-on-one mentoring or be a part of private small group mentoring with Dr. Paul Dugliss. Dr. Paul has helped countless people overcome their greatest obstacles to peace and happiness in a fraction of the time it can take through other avenues of support.


Learning Heart-based Meditation is an opportunity of a lifetime. It is a powerful tool that you will always have to support you on your journey. As you embody more peace, love and joy through your meditation practice, you will contribute to the greater good and play an important role in uplifting your friends, family, and community.


Join us in our quest to make the world a better place!

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Heart-based Meditation

Support for Life's Journey


How to Begin


Instruction is done live online on Wednesday evenings at 7pm EST via  Zoom as a  3-week course, 1 hour per week. Supporting videos in-between classes are available to view. To learn more or sign up for the next class go to the Events page.

We hope you will join us!

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Release stress and find your joy with Heart-based Meditation!

Meet Dr. Paul

I have been a physician, author, counselor and coach and have been meditating for over 40 years. Meditation has been the foundational support to all of my life's endeavors and I have recommended it to many patients and clients as part of their treatment plan.

In 2007, I became increasingly aware of how much faster my meditating patients would heal, how much happier they felt and seemed to handle life's ups and downs with more ease.


I undertook to work with like-minded colleagues to develop a meditation technique that was easy, practical and accessible to all, without creating financial hardship, so more people could incorporate meditation into their lives. The result was Heart-based Meditation. 


My dream now is to help as many people as possible transform their suffering, elevate their consciousness, and awaken the power of their hearts to find optimal health, happiness, love and joy.

-- Paul Dugliss, M.D.

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